The company V.A.G. Chemie was founded in 1994, but the roots of the company go back into the year 1986 when a pre-company to V.A.G. Chemie started production of polyester und trade with portassium permanganate in Ukraine.

The business with regional chemical products expanded first in Ukraine, Russia and then in entire Soviet Union.

At the beginning of the 1990s, two representative local offices in Kiev and Moscow were established and the 100% of the market in CIS countries was conquered. In 1993, the production of tartaric acid was added to business portofolio. 

The decision to expand in Western Europe came in 1994, thus the second office after Moscow was established in Hamburg, Germany and the company V.A.G. Chemie was born. Since then, V.A.G. Chemie is supplying Russian and CIS countries’ market with pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Additionally, the company is also offering engineering and assembly services in chemical and steel industry as well as in machine building in various countries.

With the growing demand from its customers in pharmaceutical and medical industries, V.A.G. Chemie has also entered the world of medicine and added medical and pharma products to its product portfolio.

With its partners, V.A.G. Chemie is using a huge networking system of more than 500 employees to distribute its products worldwide.